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The perfect balance for your body.

DIABETIN PLUS is a unique formulation that combines tried and tested ingredients to help stabilize blood glucose levels, combat diabetes, and diabetes-related problems.

It contains essential amino acids that help diabetics to increase oxidation, storage and uptake of glucose, and help in the transport of fatty acids into muscle cells. These amino acids help regulate blood sugar levels and decrease the pain symptoms diabetes causes in the body's nerves, and help boost energy by turning excess fat into fuel. They are also used to treat heart disease, help reduce harmful cholesterol and triglycerides, and reduce the likelihood of obesity.

Its formulation focuses mainly on helping to combat problems such as, blood sugar, abundance of glucose, sugar in the urine, chronic sores, energy loss, cholesterol, hypertension and overweight. Helps in the prevention of hypoglycemia and diabetes, in the treatment of both types of diabetes, type I and type II, and in cases of prediabetes when symptoms such as hunger or thirst, increased fatigue, increased infections, frequent urination, vision problems, and slow healing of wounds. It is a great support for those who already suffer from these diseases can live without injecting so much insulin.

Our formulation will also play an important role in the cleaning and absorption of toxic waste from the walls of the intestine, promoting evacuation of the intestine, relieving constipation, pain caused by hemorrhoids and cystitis, aiding in weight control, m
aintain healthy cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and promote colon health.

DIABETIN PLUS, helps achieve that perfect balance that the body needs to function properly: a clean colon, stable sugar levels and fat no longer a danger.

Its unique combination of nutrients naturally contribute to:

Fight overweight and obesity.
Regularize blood sugar levels.
Combat high cholesterol and triglycerides.
Fight hypertension.
Relieve constipation.
Increase energy.
Promote colon health.

DIABETIN PLUS is an integral and natural nutritional supplement that will help you to improve the symptoms of diabetes and prevent its complications safely and without side effects.

Change your life forever ... take advantage of this great opportunity. It improves the symptoms of diabetes, regulates blood sugar, increases energy and loses weight in a healthy way.
A great nutritional support to your medical plan.
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